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INSTRUCTIONS for using the form:

Please use this Reservation Form to place, change or cancel your reservations.

Need to reserve, change or cancel by phone? Call (231) 352-8060.

Your name tag(s) will be waiting for you at the welcome table when you arrive!

Reservations and cancellations will be accepted until 12 Noon three days before the event (e.g. Tuesday noon before a Friday dinner) without a late charge to your CLYC account .   Because of food ordering and planning needs, late reservations and cancellations will result in a $3 late charge for each name tag.  Members without reservations can pay the $3 late charge per name tag at the dinner.

Reservation Form Instructions

To make a reservation, click on OPEN RESERVATION FORM  button above.

To correct errors, click on OPEN RESERVATION FORM and select the Correction of Errors Version; enter corrections on the form.

To add attendees, click on OPEN RESERVATION FORM and select the Additional Reservations Version; complete the form.

To cancel, select the Cancel Reservations Version; enter number of ages to cancel (e.g. 2 Youth); enter name tag NAME(s) to cancel.

Use the Tab key to move between fields.  The Enter key will submit the form.